Are You Spending Christmas In El Salvador?

Posted on: 23 October 2017

Have you decided to abandon tradition this Christmas by spending the holidays away from home? Perhaps you are newlyweds, or maybe you're empty nesters and your grown children aren't coming home for Christmas. For whatever reason you've chosen to spend Christmas in El Salvador instead of spending it at home, here are some ideas that might help you to plan an incredible adventure in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Plan Each Day -

There's so much to do in El Salvador that you might have trouble deciding on which experiences to plan. Think of writing down an itinerary of things you'll do every day that you're there. Consider combining fun activities with relaxing ones.

  • Think of spending time learning about things like the Mayan culture.
  • Also,consider learning how to surf, if you don't have that skill already.
  • Consider going out on the Pacific Ocean to do deep sea fishing.
  • Thinking about hiking in rainforests that are so beautiful they'll take your breath away.

Where To Stay -

Stay at a surf resort, such as The Last Resort Mizata El Salvador! By doing so, you'll have the best of both worlds. Not only will you be close to the ocean, but you will also be close to points of interest. If you don't know how to surf already, the surf resort will have professionals who can teach you how to surf on the very first day you arrive. There's more, though.

  • Your surf resort will have five-star restaurants where you'll enjoy gourmet dining.
  • You'll be able to shop for take-home gifts and mementos right at the resort gift shops.
  • If you want total relaxation, a masseuse will be available to you.
  • Your accommodations will be so beautiful that you may not want to leave your room.

While you're at the surf resort, the concierge will be able to help you get to places like museums, the National Theater and coffee farms. If you want a guide to take you to Mayan ruins or to guide you as you hike the rainforests, your concierge will be happy to arrange for that, too.

Be ready for the Christmas Day of your lifetime. Expect the surf resort to be all decked out in Christmas decorations. If you want to attend Christmas Day church services, the concierge can find churches close to the resort.  Also, the resort in El Salvador will more than likely have a special Christmas day feast.


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