Tips For Effectively Using Your Hotel Key Card

Posted on: 27 October 2017

If you're staying at a hotel for the first time as an adult, there are several things that your parents will have looked after in the past — but that you'll now need to handle on your own. One thing that you'll be learning about on the fly is how to use the hotel key card. It's the card that provides you with access to your room, and you'll need to either swipe it through an access point on the outside of your guest room door or tap it against a panel. There are several things that you won't immediately think about, but that knowing in advance will help to make your hotel visit easier.

Always Ask For Two

When you check in, the front desk clerk will often ask you how many key cards you want. This question is more prevalent if you're traveling on your own. Your immediate thought might be that you'll only need one key card, but you should always ask for two. Sometimes, a key card won't provide access to your room because of a technical glitch. There are few things more frustrating than dragging your luggage all the way to your room, and then being unable to get inside. When you have a second key card, this hassle is minor.

They Can Get Wet

If you're going for a swim at the hotel pool, you might make a point of setting your key card at the edge of the pool or on a table or chair. Doing so is unnecessary, however, because key cards won't get damaged if they get wet. You're better off putting the card in a zippered pocket in your bathing suit if you have one. This way, another hotel guest won't mistakenly grab your card and leave the pool area — leaving you with the unenviable task of standing at the front desk and trying to get a new card.

They Provide Access To More Than Your Room

Sometimes, you'll need to use your hotel key card to get into other areas of the hotel, such as the pool, gym, business center, and more. If you wish to enter the building after hours through a back door, you'll need your card. Additionally, you'll sometimes find that you need to swipe your card in the elevator for it to begin moving. For this reason, always keep your card handy. Even if you aren't going in and out of your room, you'll still rely on the card a lot during your hotel stay.

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