Renting A Hotel Conference Room? Questions You Need To Ask About The Deposit

Posted on: 17 February 2018

If you are hosting a conference, you may be looking to rent a conference room from a hotel. Many of these conference rooms are large in size, easily accessible, have the tables, chairs and other furniture you need, and the hotel can host any out of town participants who may be attending your conference. In order to rent a conference room, the majority of hotels require you to put down a deposit for the space. But before you put down the deposit, there are a few important questions to ask. Here are three important questions related to the deposit that you should ask as you look to rent a hotel conference room. 

How Can the Deposit Be Paid?

Before you place a deposit on a hotel conference room, you may wonder how much the deposit is. However, in addition to this question, you should always ask how the deposit can be placed. When you are renting out a hotel room, most hotels take the deposit in the form of a debit or credit card. But when you are renting out a hotel conference room, the hotel may also accept checks, money orders or cashiers checks. Always ask how the deposit can be paid and select the option that is best for your business or organization. 

Is the Deposit Refundable If the Conference is Cancelled?

Another important question to ask before you place a deposit on a hotel conference room is whether the deposit is refundable or transferable. This is important in case you need to change your conference dates or cancel the conference all together. If the deposit is transferable or refundable, make sure you know when the cancellation or change deadlines are so you don't miss out on the opportunity to change or cancel the conference. 

Following the Conference, When Will the Deposit Be Returned? 

The last question you will want to ask is how quickly the deposit will be returned to you after your conference is over. When you place a deposit on a hotel room, the deposit is typically credited back to your debit or credit card when you check out of the hotel. But this is not always the case with conference rooms. The hotel may need to ensure that all of the inventory used in the conference rooms, including tables, chairs and linens, are returned before your deposit is returned. Some hotels may credit the money in a few days, while others may take up to a month to return the money to you. Always ask so you know what to expect. 

When you are ready to rent a hotel conference room, you should be prepared to place a deposit down. Asking these three questions will help you understand how the deposit is placed, if it is refundable should you need to cancel or change your dates and when you can expect the deposit to be returned to you.  Contact a hotel, like Clarion Hotel - Seattle International Airport, for more help.


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