4 Ways To Save On A Vacation Rental Home

Posted on: 29 June 2019

Years ago, if you wanted to visit a tourist destination, your only real option was to stay in a hotel. But these days, vacation rental homes are becoming a more popular option. Staying in an entire home gives you a lot more space to spread out and relax than staying in a hotel. Plus, you have access to a kitchen and can cook your own meals, which saves you from having to eat out every single meal. If you're looking into vacation rentals for your next trip but are a bit turned off by the cost, here are some ways you can save.

1. Book during the off-season.

Each tourist destination has a high-season and an off-season. For example, most warm beach locations are really popular in the dead of winter when other places are cold and snowy, but they're less popular when summer reaches other areas. Find out when off-season is at your preferred destination, and book your vacation during that time period. Not only will the vacation rentals be available at a lower price, but other attractions won't be as busy, so you may be able to squeeze even more into your experience.

2. Ask about possible discounts.

Especially if the rental is owned by a private person or a small company, you might be able to secure a discount simply by calling and asking. Offer to do something to reduce the owner's costs. For instance, can you launder your own towels and linens during the stay so the cleaning staff does not have to? Maybe you could bring your own toiletries so they don't have to supply you with shampoo, soap and the like. You never know until you ask.

3. Bring some friends along.

Usually, vacation rentals have at least a couple of bedrooms. Find a home with a few bedrooms, and then find some friends that want to come along. If you all split the cost of the rental home, you will all pay less for the experience overall. (Plus, having friends along on vacation makes it more interesting.)

4. Choose a home a little further from attractions.

Often, vacation homes that are within walking distance of key attractions are much more expensive than those that are a short drive away. You can save a lot by booking the house that's a bit further out. You can then minimize the number of cab rides you take by grouping your activities together based on location. 

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